Keeping an eye on third parties in between due diligence

TDI has innovated, designed, and implemented a third-party risk monitoring program that is not only enabled by the best technology available in the market but also leverages the research and analysis of our talented and experienced team of professional compliance and risk analysts.

We offer two levels of analyst-assisted monitoring:

Managed monitoring

We cross reference all third parties against global sanctions and watch lists, as well as proprietary databases. TDI also offers the ability to screen potential third parties and associated individuals against client-specific internal black or denied-parties list through the same streamlined service. Our team will review potential name matches on these lists and only provide confirmed adverse results, eliminating the need for client employees to adjudicate false positives.

Intelligent monitoring

Our Intelligent monitoring service is based on a recurring monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly review of open sources and news media citations to identify recent third-party risk-relevant information pertaining directly to all monitored individual and corporate subjects. These analyst-driven searches identify derogatory information that has become public within the current reporting period for a single individual or corporate subject.

We also offer a basic “Platform” monitoring solution for clients who choose to review and adjudicate false positives on their own.

Discover how we helped a global aerospace company significantly reduce their false positives or get in touch to find out how we can help your business.