Clients trust TDI to steer them through the maze of political, regulatory, and legal factors that impact their professional reputations and/or their global operations. 

Whether in London, Dubai, Singapore, or Washington, DC, we formulate and execute programs designed to mitigate risk and advance agendas for multinational corporations, international lending institutions, and select political leaders.

Political Engagement

Drawing on our access to individuals and information, TDI engages in commercial diplomacy, guiding our clients’ interactions and negotiations. Our clients often need to develop relationships in Washington or abroad but, for political reasons, cannot or do not want to work through their embassies or local offices. In these cases, an effective, independent advocacy platform is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and objectives.

Commercial Engagement

Political, economic, and regulatory risk factors impact the viability of investments, markets, and reputations. TDI guides clients in understanding the functioning of governments and business communities at both the institutional and individual levels.