TD International, LLC (TDI) was founded in 1999 with the conviction that a discreet, strategic advisory and risk intelligence firm can better respond to the needs of international corporate clients and global investors than large, inflexible information providers. TDI was built on the premise that clients need timely, accurate, and relevant information to make optimal business decisions. We help multinational organizations, financial institutions, law firms, individuals, and government entities more effectively manage risk throughout the business lifecycle.


The scope of our services range from providing programmatic third-party compliance solutions through TDI Compliance to investigating complex cases of corporate fraud and attacks by competitors or adversary groups. Regardless of industry or jurisdiction, every engagement begins with a one-to-one understanding of our clients’ internal goals, challenges, and desired outcomes.

The Meaning of TDI


In Latin, Tertium Non Datur refers to the “law of the excluded third”, or the notion that no third choice exists – the literal definition of dilemma.


At our core, we believe the opposite is true—that through the pursuit of information, an alternative solution often reveals itself. That principle, Tertium Datur, is the genesis of our name and our philosophy.

Why TD International

We operate from the premise that there are four qualitative inputs to any organization: People, Capital, Technology, and Information. While organizations often devote significant resources to the first three, they often fail to maximize their use of information.


We apply the best practices of intelligence collection, analysis, and strategic consulting to maximize our clients’ domestic and international capabilities. Having successfully completed more than 5,000 engagements spanning over 100 countries on six continents, we help clients effectively manage risk regardless of industry or geography.


Our firm’s unique blend of commercial and intelligence experience allows us to understand and evaluate people, assets, and transactions within their broader political and commercial context.  TDI’s long history of operating in opaque markets provides it with deep insight into the political, commercial, legal, regulatory, and reputational risk issues that our clients confront.

Our expanding global practice spans 112 countries across six continents

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