Investigations into Commercial Fraud, White Collar Crime, and Asset Theft

TDI’s investigative practice marries the firm’s intelligence and records collection capabilities with decades of experience investigating commercial fraud, white collar crime, and asset theft. We conduct these investigations with instinct, attention to detail, and an ability to develop evidence that is unmatched in our industry.

Fraud Investigations

From product counterfeiting and IP theft, to wire fraud and money laundering, TDI demonstrates a unique ability to uncover the schemes of hostile interests and fraudulent counterparties that threaten our clients’ assets and bottom line. We separate fact from fiction by leveraging accurate records, sourcing information, and applying modern investigative methodology to conduct detailed investigations into large-scale fraud and misconduct.

Litigation Support

Targeted, actionable information is especially critical in litigation. TDI provides a broad range of services to support and advance litigation strategy, including investigating relevant facts and allegations, providing and evaluating evidentiary information, and identifying and vetting expert witnesses. By working seamlessly with counsel under attorney-client privilege, we defend the interests of our clients to protect their success and reputation.

Asset Tracing and Recovery

We have recovered millions of dollars in stolen assets and assisted clients in enforcing hundreds of millions of dollars in civil judgments against defendants across the world. By identifying and tracing personal and commercial relationships, beneficial ownership, transactions, and physical assets, TDI persists to recover losses to the maximum extent possible under the law.