The Relationship Manager is the most robust component within TDI Diligence Suite.  It is a fully configurable end-to-end workflow management platform specifically designed to help clients manage third-party risk.  In addition to automating third-party onboarding, risk segmentation, due diligence, and approvals, the Relationship Manager offers the following optional modules:


In addition to the robust reporting already available, TDI Diligence Suite has an analytics module that harnesses the power of Tableau to offer visual analytics that provide deeper insight into the third-party management process as well as risks across the entire portfolio of third parties being managed.

Users can create dynamic visualizations and reports based on information provided by third parties, your users, approval processes, time-based parameters, etc.  Dashboards are designed to be user friendly and easily exported for executive use.  Our risk assessment functionality is also fully integrated into the approval process and risk matrix.  This means that users can easily report across these areas of the platform to deliver key insights into the company’s risk profile vis-à-vis the approval process.

TDI Diligence Suite can be configured to support risk identification and scoring at any point in the third-party lifecycle.  TDI has a deep understanding of industry-specific risk categories and would work closely with you to thoroughly understand your specific risk profile.  We have built our product to accommodate a wide range of client business requirements through straightforward configuration, not costly customization.


TDI Diligence Suite offers an optional fully integrated learning management (LMS) system. The training module can be used to deliver video and multimedia-based training to both internal users and external third parties. The results of the training can be used as a control before further actions are allowed or to trigger follow-on tasks once training is completed.

More Features of TDI Diligence Suite