At TD International, we redefine third-party risk management with cutting edge solutions tailored to safeguard your business. 

Our Third-Party Risk Management Tools and Software

Discover the two tiers of analyst-assisted monitoring available through our services. For clients who prefer to review and handle false positives independently, TDI offers a basic “Platform” monitoring solution.

Managed Monitoring

Optimize your risk posture with managed monitoring, a key component of TPRM tools, offering rigorous vetting of third-party vendor risk management processes.

  • Comprehensive Screening: Cross-reference all third parties against global sanctions, watch lists, and proprietary databases.
  • Customized Checks: Ability to screen potential third parties and individuals against client-specific internal blacklists or denied-parties lists.
  • Streamlined Service: Offers a seamless process for checking and confirming potential risk matches.
  • Accurate Reporting: Provides only confirmed adverse results, reducing the burden of false positives on a client’s employees. 

Intelligence Monitoring

Enhance your strategic decision-making with intelligence monitoring, a crucial TPRM solution designed to keep you informed about third-party risk dynamics.

  • Regular Updates: Conducts monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly reviews of open sources and news media citations.
  • Targeted Information Gathering: Focuses on identifying recent, risk-relevant information related to monitored individuals and corporate entities.
  • Analyst-Driven Searches: Utilizes expert analysis to uncover derogatory information made public within the current reporting period.
  • Specific Focus: Concentrates on finding and reporting newsworthy negatives for each individual or corporate subject monitored.

Third-Party Risk Monitoring for Aerospace Company 

Learn how TDI Compliance developed a tech-analytical solution for an aerospace firm looking to monitor and mitigate third-party risk between regular due diligence investigations.

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