TDI conducted an in-depth assessment of the reputational vulnerabilities of a major financial services firm that was subject to pervasive and incorrect media allegations of money laundering and connections to sanctioned individuals and entities.  The client feared that this media coverage could lead US and European regulators to sanction it or otherwise launch a years-long investigation that would tie up significant resources for the client.  The client asked TDI to assess, and help it mitigate against, this existential risk to its commercial operations.   

TDI provided analysis of news and social media coverage of the client, assessing which outlets had the most negative reporting and posed the most risk of drawing regulators’ attention.  TDI also conducted inquiries with industry and supervisory sources well-placed to comment on the perceptions of the client in the market; these sources included financial journalists, future candidates for employment, executives at the client’s key competitors, and regulators.  By so doing, TDI provided unique insight regarding the likely tone of future coverage of the Client, as well as guidance on how to influence and shape the media narrative.  Our intelligence and strategic advice helped the client to successfully manage its reputation, improve its rapport with regulators, and return its focus to delivering value to its shareholders. 

In the years since our initial assessment and guidance, TDI has monitored the client’s reputation, both in news and social media, as well as among industry and regulatory sources, to help guide the client’s ongoing public relations strategy.  This monitoring also serves to provide a warning signal should the pendulum start to swing back to negative and sensationalist reporting about the client. 

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