TDI Capital Advisors has experience advising on cases related to transactional disputes, the evaluation of complex trading algorithms, order routing and control, and the risk management aspects of large non-linear portfolios.

USD 100 million contract dispute trial.

A large US-based utility was accused of not performing on an energy supply contract by a multibillion-dollar oil and gas producer. This case required detailed experience in credit risk and infrastructure financing.

Multimillion-dollar intellectual property theft dispute.

An energy logistics firm accused of stealing trade secrets from a larger competitor requested our advice on a case that required specific experience in storage and transport logistics and modeling.

Market disruption.

TDI Capital Advisors was brought in to advise on a high-value case involving losses from market disruption suffered by a large insurance company. This case required deep understanding of portfolio construction and risk management using non-linear instruments under extreme market disruption.

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