TDI advised a management consulting firm on its development of a scalable compliance solution to screen thousands of prospective new clients and existing clients that operate globally and across diverse industries.  TDI worked alongside the client to develop a cost-effective due diligence scope tailored to closely align with the client’s risk matrix, delivering the intelligence they need to make effective and rapid decisions while avoiding getting bogged down in noise from false positives or minor issues not relevant to the client’s risk calculus.  TDI’s team of professional analysts is closely familiar with the client’s risk tolerance and regularly provides pattern recognition and real-time consultative support to contextualize findings, aiding the client to appropriately weigh risks.   

The intelligence program has allowed the client to mitigate portfolio risks, has regularly informed decision making among senior stakeholders, and provides the client the option to pursue further investigation of subjects as needed.  Through TDI’s ongoing program the client has avoided working with illegitimate entities that serve as fronts for espionage.  These entities have surfaced in multiple iterations and under various names, attempting to gain legitimacy by working with US firms.  Separately, utilizing TDI’s program, the client has successfully continued to leverage commercial opportunities in China while ensuring it does not perpetuate forced labor in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).