Position & Company Details
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Function: Associate Director, Due Diligence
Job Location: District of Columbia

Position Summary 
TDI — strategic advisory and risk intelligence firm—is currently seeking an Associate Director to join our Due Diligence and Investigations (DD&I) practice in our Washington, D.C. office.  The DD&I practice is responsible for conducting sophisticated open-source and human intelligence investigations that directly inform our client’s most critical business decisions and help them mitigate, manage, or exploit risk by providing the best intelligence available.   

The Associate Director is a leadership opportunity for a seasoned due diligence professional to guide and mentor a team tasked with rapidly grasping intricate issues and industries.  Additionally, the individual will conduct thorough and intricate investigative research and analysis using various open-source and proprietary sources to discern regulatory and reputational risks.  The ideal candidate will embody a “player-coach” approach, managing team workflow, providing guidance, and actively contributing to project delivery.  As essential member of the DD&I practice, the Associate Director will primarily be responsible for: 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership to and supervise the professional development and performance of analysts and associates in conducting research, performing analysis, and writing reports for final delivery to clients primarily focused on due diligence. 
  • Encourage collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and cross-training within the due diligence research team to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Proactively identify opportunities to streamline workflows, optimize processes, and implement best practices to enhance the team’s productivity and delivery capabilities. 
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, actively seeking feedback to meet their needs and identify opportunities. 
  • Understand specific client requests and develop custom risk-analytic reports. 
  • Oversee the team’s production lifecycle, including the scope, schedule, profitability, and quality of projects from the time the task is received until closed out. 
  • Work with client managers to brief and advise clients. 
  • Ensure all work products deliverable meet client-specific expectations and TDI internal quality standards. 
  • Process and store sensitive information in accordance with the Information Management System. Ensure those reporting to you process and store sensitive information, including PII, in accordance with IMS policies. Provide guidance when compliance standards are not being met. Alert Information Technology team and IT Manager when nonconformities are discovered.    

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. 
  • Capable of adjusting to changing priorities and industry dynamics while maintaining professionalism. 
  • Proficiency with relevant research tools, databases, and analytical software to facilitate comprehensive due diligence investigations and deliver high-quality reports to clients. 
  • Skilled in working effectively with diverse teams and clients, demonstrating cultural awareness. 
  • Ability to exhibit a high level of work ethic and professionalism. 
  • Creative problem-solving abilities and a proven track record of driving process improvement. 
  • Exceptional reading, writing, and analytical skills; candidates will be asked to complete a diagnostic test to this effect. 
  • Adept at effectively supervising and mentoring a team of skilled analysts and associates for their professional growth. 
  • Excellent time management skills, and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. 
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.  

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in international relations, political science, regional studies, business or related area of study. 
  • 5-7 years of relevant experience.  
  • At least 1- 2 years of experience managing a team. 
  • At least 3 years of experience reviewing, editing, and providing quality control for client due diligence reports. 
  • Professional fluency in English required; professional proficiency in another language is a plus, with a specific emphasis on Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic. 

Key TDI Values for this Role:

  • Client Focus: You are always available and responsive. You urgently address our clients’ needs. You take the approach of “first, do no harm” and take seriously our rule of not accruing risk to clients. You work tirelessly to build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients that place their needs and interests at the forefront. 
  • Excellence: You demonstrate excellence daily; not just through a few big initiatives, but as a result of consistently doing all of the little things right.  You take pride in your work, set a very high bar for yourself, and expect the same of others.  When you make a mistake, you admit it, take responsibility, and learn not to do it again. 
  • Teamwork: You seek opportunities to assist colleagues and foster communication. You treat all members of the TDI team with respect and strive to support each other. You rally to help out team members to get quality work done on time and to client expectations. 

Compensation decisions are influenced by various factors, such as knowledge, skills, attributes, experience, training, licensure, certifications, location, travel requirements, and other business and organizational needs.

Compensation: $110,000 – $130,000

About TDI

TDI is a strategic advisory and risk intelligence firm that helps multinational organizations more effectively manage commercial, regulatory, and reputational risk. We deliver a decisive information advantage to our clients through advisory services, due diligence and investigations, and a best-in-class analytics suite that dramatically increases efficiency and provides critical insights.  Founded in 1999, TDI’s unique blend of commercial, intelligence, and technology experience allows us to understand and evaluate people, assets, and transactions within their broader political and commercial context.

Global Insight. Actionable Intelligence.

TDI is committed to equal opportunity employment. Applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to gender, gender identity, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, age, disability or any other legally protected basis, in accordance with applicable law.

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