We Leverage In-Country Resources for Outcomes That Matter Most.

Multinational organizations and individuals with commercial, political, regulatory, and reputational challenges trust TDI with their most critical matters. Unlike many of our competitors, our in-house capabilities and professional track-record run the gamut from third-party assessments via TDI Compliance to complex investigations and intelligence programs. We consistently achieve results by our willingness and ability to perform the small tasks – the actual work – that underlie any successful venture.


With thousands of engagements completed to date in over 100 jurisdictions, there are few problems we haven’t seen before. Nevertheless, we approach every investigation—regardless of size—with a bespoke, custom plan.
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) investigation in Colombia

    An international bank called on us when it was discovered that the bank’s local branches had facilitated money laundering transactions by organized crime groups.

  • FCPA compliance investigation in Brazil

    A major US-based consumer electronics manufacturer retained us to conduct a comprehensive FCPA compliance review of all of its authorized retailers in Brazil.

  • Due diligence corruption investigation in Ghana

    We investigated ongoing corruption allegations against an energy company’s subcontractor in Ghana protecting both the company and its shareholders from future regulatory risk.

  • Fraud investigation in the UK, Finland and Russia

    A UK-based insurance company called us to uncover a network of co-conspirators responsible for the disappearance of a shipment of cellular telephones in London.

  • Pre-transaction due diligence investigation in Czech Republic

    A US-based financial services firm decided against a joint venture with a Czech counterparty after our investigation revealed alleged ties to Russian organized crime.

  • Counterfeiting investigation in China

    We investigated the widespread counterfeiting of a common pharmaceutical product in China providing our client the evidence they needed to initiate prosecution.

  • Integrated risk mitigation in East Asia

    We advised a multinational mining company on identifying a broad range of above-ground hazards, then implemented solutions to mitigate that risk.

  • Integrity due diligence investigation in Indonesia

    A multinational aerospace corporation relied on us to leverage our human in-country network to investigate reputational issues with an Indonesian partner.

  • Intellectual property investigation in Antigua

    We conducted targeted surveillance of an illicit software development operation to dismantle an IP piracy outfit costing our client millions.